Our Knowledge, Our Skills, Our Abilities! Hire an Older Worker! Contrary to what might be called popular opinion…those of us who are older Kansans need to work. We need to work to be actively involved in our community. We need to work to feel connected. We need to work to stay in contact. We need to work for extra income. We need to work just because. When I retired from working there was a period of time when I looked forward to just not having a specific schedule to place to show up. As time went on I needed to have a schedule and a place to show up on a regular basis. I needed that rhythm of live, so to speak, so that when I rested at home, I rested from doing something. Some of the statistics that have been accumulated over the last few years through surveys indicate there is a ground swell movement from older adults, such as myself who need to work and want to work. Now I am an employment specialist for Prairie Independent Living Resource Center. I have six counties in Kansas that we offer no cost assistance in finding employment for Older Kansans age 55 years and older. If you would like more information you may reach me at 620-672-9600 extention 335 or by email at tharrison@pilr.org.